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Best-in-class temperature control for heat exchange

Fast temperature signals improve heating control

The critical control point for successful pasteurization control is temperature. Endress+Hauser has invented the fastest temperature sensor for hygienic processes. iTherm QuickSens supplies the correct temperature value three times faster than any other sensor, as the t90 time shows. The accuracy and the response time ensures that no energy is wasted and the product is not exposed to more thermal stress than necessary. Improve quality and reduce cost with this technology.

QuickSens the game changer in heating control

QuickSens was developed to detect temperature changes as fast as possible. The specific design of the sensing element (fixed into the tip of the sensor) ensures this performance advantage can be directly transferred into:

  • Quality improvement

  • Plant operation savings

QuickNeck, the convenient time saver for calibration

Temperature sensors, as critical and quality relevant control points, require frequent calibrations.

  • The new QuickNeck enables you to calibrate the entire control loop without using tools or interrupting the process

  • The bayonet closure can be opened by hand, the sensor remains wired during calibration

  • 60% time savings are achieved compared to standard technologies

  • The sensor itself is installed spring loaded into the tube, to ensure fast t90 reaction time

Calibration in quality standards

Calibration is not only a major part of internal quality systems, retailer standards like IFS , BRC and ISO 22000 require defined calibration cycles, especially for quality relevant and critical control points. The hygienic design is also important. All requirements are met when using the iTherm sensor QuickNeck and QuickSens.

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