Endress+Hauser announces additional sizes and temperature range to the successful Prosonic Flow 92F inline ultrasonic flowmeter. Prosonic Flow 92F is now available in additional sizes of DN 150 (6″), DN 200 (8″), DN 250 (10″) and DN 300 (12″) in stainless steel or carbon steel, covering the entire size range of DN 25 to 300 (1″ to 12″). The larger size capabilities will allow greater applicability for process applications in the chemical and petrochemical industry.

Broad application range 

Whenever liquids - even with a low electrical conductivity - have to be measured under difficult installation conditions, Prosonic Flow 92F is an ideal choice. This ultrasonic flowmeter can be used across a broad range of industries and applications:

  • High purity water or demineralized water
  • Steam condensate return
  • Hydrocarbon liquids, e.g. fuel oils or heating oils
  • Tank farm management
  • Road tanker filling control
  • Leak detection
  • Energy monitoring

High performance

The high temperature option extends the temperature range from 150 to 200 °C (302 to 392 °F) allowing the

flowmeter to be used in more demanding applications and steam cleaned up to 10 bar. The Prosonic Flow F is a multi-beam sensor consisting of a meter body, flanged process connections and 2, 3 or 4 pairs of ultrasonic

sensor elements. The sensor pairs are located in two arrays welded into the sensor body removing the requirement for additional process gaskets.


The configuration of the ultrasonic sensors ensures an optimal scanning of the flow velocity distribution in the

measuring section, reducing the requirement for upstream straight pipe to less than five times the pipe diameter. Prosonic Flow 92F offers a high accuracy (better than ±0.5%; optional ±0.3%) and a cost effective

non-invasive flow measurement. The measurement requires no mechanical interaction with the flow making it virtually maintenance free and without additional pressure drop.

Seamless system integration

Prosonic Flow 92 is the world's first 2-wire loop powered transmitter for an inline ultrasonic flowmeter. It is available in four output versions:

  • 4-20 mA HART
  • 4-20 mA HART with status/pulse output
  • FOUNDATION Fieldbus


The system integration is supported through a Device Type Management (DTM) program and Field Device Tool (FDT) technology. The transmitter requires virtually no programming during the initial setup. Only the actual flow range has to be defined. A HistoROM TDAT offers software independent data management where the transmitter setup and the sensor calibration data can be stored as a backup.