This becomes already evident in the electronics options: In Cerabar M, the user can choose between an analogue and a digital design. As far as sensors are concerned both the proven capacitive-ceramic and the metallic ones are available.

The pressure transmitter Cerabar M is supplied with all current process connections and thus results in a comprehensive program for any measurement task.

Smart communication at an analogue price

Smart technology facilitates simple operation, adjustment and monitoring of a pressure measuring device. Calibration is done either by two keys on site or remotely (e.g. via HART protocol). For some time, this feature has almost been standard - but up to now, smart communication has been reserved for the far more expensive high-end transmitters. In Cerabar M, smart communication is now entering the "middle class" for the first time. For users, this means significantly more value for their money.

New housing of stainless steel - to be used in hygienic areas

Cerabar M always brings to bear its strengths where special demands are made on the hygienic capability of a pressure measuring device. For it is very easily cleaned with its stainless steel housing having been designed dew-proof and without dead space. IP 66 is standard (optionally IP 68 and 5 metres of firmly installed cable) for Cerabar M which is available with all current standard connections.

Sturdy aluminium housing for all industries

Cerabar M PMC 41/45, PMP 41/45

The aluminium housing coated with polyester epoxy resin demonstrates its full strength in hard process conditions, e.g. with aggressive media. The Cerabar M with aluminium housing may be employed in all industrial areas of application, e.g. in the chemical industry, the paper industry, in power plants and in water and waste water treatment.



The standard for Cerabar M includes IP 66 (optionally IP 68 and 5 m firmly installed cable) and can be supplied with all common standard connections .