Coal Fired Power Plant Oil Fired Power Plant 

Coal fired power plants belong to the fossile fuel fired thermal power plants in which the inherent energy in the primary energy sources of hard coal and lignite coal are converted into electrical energy. Because of the waste freight in these energy sources, encompassing fluegas desulpherization systems are required which require a lot of money. Coal fired power plants  convert up to 45% of their energy into electricity.



An oil fired power station uses oil as fuel to feed the combustion process. That means, that those power stations have a oil storage system with tanks and delivering systems. It is not neccessary to build up a complexe raw gas treatment system in a oil fired power station. In comparison with a coal power station or combined cycle gas turbine power station following systems are the same in all power stations:


  • Water/Steam System
  • Cooling system
  • Steam turbine with generator
  • Demineralization plant