The Micropilot series of radar instruments provide non contact, level measurement, and state-of-the-art electronics provide high reliability and a choice of accuracy for the given application.


Custody transfer

  • Accuracy: better than ±1 mm
  • Weights & Measures approved by NMi, PTB and other national authorities
  • OIML certified


Inventory control

  • Accuracy: ±3 to 10 mm
  • Choice of antennas
  • Cost-effective solution


Installed at the tank side, the Tank Side Monitor NRF 590 is a field device for the integration of Micropilot radar level gauges with other tank gauging instrumentation and features the following:


  • No main power to the top of the tank and intrinsically safe power to all connected tank sensors
  • Local and remote configuration
  • Integrates up to 6 HART sensors, such as Micropilot radar level, Prothermo average temperature and water bottom and Cerabar and Deltabar pressure transmitters
  • Supports industry standard communication protocols