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Optical technologies reduce chemical usage by 30%

Reduce costs through quick detection of phase separation saving product, time and cleaning effort

Manual observation to determine phase shift is inaccurate and time consuming resulting in wasted product, chemicals, water and energy. Your cleaning effort is based on the amount of remaining product in the production line. For accurate product detection, optical technologies are best for indicating when pre-rinsing has become ineffective and wash cycles should begin. This maximizes your caustic cleaning solutions and indicates if replacement is needed - saving product, time and cleaning effort.

Optical absorption sensors yield efficient phase separation

Accurate and efficient phase separation reduces losses. Optical sensors like the OUSAF11 determines if milk-based product or rinse water is in the line starting the CIP system only if zero product remains after rinsing. Sensors can be calibrated inline without process removal. Benefits:

  • Documented results for compliance

  • Higher throughput

  • Energy & water savings

  • Reduced maintenance

  • Improved process efficiency

  • 30% reduction in chemical usage

  • Faster response time

  • More reliable measurements

Reduce losses and meet industry requirements

We offer several ways for you to reduce losses with our optical-based sensors while meeting all your sanitary requirements. The OUSAF11 is:

  • Non-invasive and designed according to 3-A guidelines ensuring cleanability

  • Built with a stainless steel housing and FEP sensor head

  • Used in water sampling line to quickly detect leakages in the plant

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