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Density profiling adds transparency to oil/ water separation

Get the most accurate information on the oil/ water emulsion layer

The only way to effectively control the separation between oil, water, gas and sand is by measuring the various phases. Often, there is not a distinct interface, rather a continuous graduation from one phase to another. Identifying the thickness of the various layers is essential to control the injection of demulsifiers and anti-foam agents.

Radiometric level measurement with the SCADA visualization

Knowledge of the position and thickness of the oil/water emulsion layer in a separator is essential to efficient control in processes like demulsifier addition. By combining radiometric level measurement with the SCADA visualization solution Profile Vision, you add transparency to your process.

Scalable solution for density profiling

The most accurate information on the oil/water emulsion layer is gained with density profiling. In this multi-detector radiometric solution, several transmitters/detectors are mounted, closely spaced, on the tank wall. The measuring range is subdivided into zones and a density value is calculated for each zone. The density image is then analyzed by a special algorithm and the result is displayed on a monitor. We offer density profiling as a scalable solution known as Profile Vision.

Profile Vision visualizes emulsion layers position

Clean solution: Separating crude oil from water, sand and gas is an important process on board, e.g. an FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading) vessel or at an oil-sand extraction facility. With radiometric level and density measurements, our Profile Vision solution visualizes the position of the emulsion layers.

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