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Power projects - international management

The people behind budget, schedule and quality

Due to globalization, EPC projects are becoming more international. Owners and contractors often have to coordinate power projects in countries where they do not have a current presence. Such scenarios are becoming more prevalent than ever before and the successful execution of a given project is influenced by people from different origins.

A worldwide partner for your international power projects

EPC’s or Plant Builders' challenges are manifold, such as technical, non technical or cultural. The technical challenges are similar whether they are for a national or an international project, while the non-technical challenges deserve special attention. Some of the biggest challenges include the selection and management of subcontractors, and the understanding of the in-country rules, regulations and requirements.

A flexible partner whom you can trust

  • Delivering you reduced cost, improved quality and increased efficiency

  • Providing you with a local base of sales support and service, worldwide

  • The instrumentation delivered fits to the safety and efficiency requirements of the end-user (certification)

  • Two-wire concept for flow and level saves you engineering and installation costs

We offer you what is requested. Not more, not less

  • We offer and deliver almost all field instrumentation/ sensors a power plant needs, reducing your inventory

  • Documentation is delivered in the local language

  • Certified & trained people will handle your request

Proactive support during technical clarification

After a contract is signed, you will be contacted directly by our team of experts to plan a technical clarification meeting.. During this meeting, we will review each measuring point to validate that the instrumentation choices meet your requirements. Our experience tells us that this phase is of utmost importance. The more detailed and precise we are in the beginning, the more challenges can be avoided later in the project.

Our experts have extensive knowledge of the instrumentation and your processes. One person will be designated as your central point of contact throughout the execution of the project.


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