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Blast furnace goes digital

Field Network Engineering with fieldbus technology improves plant lifetime

One of the main objectives in the blast furnace revamping project is to digitize the original measurement procedures and modernize them to improve equipment life using fieldbus technology.

A step ahead with digital communication

PROFIBUS offers the highest plant availability and reliability. It is supported by the latest device diagnostics allowing predictive maintenance of all important device parameters and complete transparency by accessing all parameters and diagnostic information of the devices. Four hundred of the 1,200 field devices, including peripheries, were selected to be in fieldbus technology. Every device, box and cable has been selected to withstand harsh conditions on site and work for a very long time.

Preferred instrumentation

  • Robust temperature thermocouples (360 pieces) Omnigrad with interchangeable mineral insulated insets with customized process adaption

  • Robust Omnigrad M resistance thermometer with modular assembly

  • Pressure and differential pressure derived from Cerabar/Deltabar M (180 pieces)

  • Electromagnetic flow (EMF) meter type Proline Promag 50P (150 pieces)

  • Web-based tools for easy access to information about the installed devices and automatic device documentation (W@M portal)

  • Ultrasonic clamp on flow meters Prosonic Flow (15 pieces)

  • Vortex flow meters Prowirl (10 pieces)

  • Various level devices (60 pieces) for continuous measurement with guided radar Levelflex M and ultrasonic Prosonic M, as well as for limit detection, and vibration tuning forks for liquids Liquiphant and solids Soliphant plus capacitance probes Multicap (now Liquicap M)

  • FieldCare Standard providing a standardized scalable software tool for device configuration and integrated Plant Asset Management

Benefits of the measuring points out of the project scope

  • PROFIBUS increases safety and reliability and offers higher economic efficiency

  • Field Network Engineering including configuration, platform test and support of the DCS-integration

  • One supplier for all measurement points such as temperature, pressure, flow and level

  • Services and tools encompassing web asset management

  • Project management, engineering, delivering and commissioning of 1,200 field devices as well as training and supervision of mechanical and electrical works on-site

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