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Special alloys make the best temperature thermocouples

When the heat is on, Omnigrad S saves the day

The intense heat needed to convert the raw meal into clinker in the preheater and kiln must be carefully controlled. If the temperature is not correctly monitored, this could lead to the kiln becoming too hot, resulting in a fire or explosion. The dusty environment leads to risk of fires so the temperature must be tightly controlled and the equipment must be well protected. Manufacturing the cement at the wrong temperature could also compromise product quality.

Preferred instrumentation

  • TAF11 & TAF16 high temperature thermocouples made of Nickel Cobalt, Silicon Carbide or Nitride for long life temperature measurement

  • TMT142 bright local display/transmitter or vibration resistant head transmitter

Benefits of the measuring points

TAF 16 NiCo thermocouples

  • Robust, shatter-proof, non-porous nickel cobalt alloy with a very good resistance to sulfidation and acidic chloride environments

  • Excellent resistance to oxidation, hot corrosion, carburization, metal dusting and nitridation

  • Good creep resistance, average surface hardness and high wear resistance

TAF 11 Ceramic SiN thermocouple

  • Successfully tested against AISA310 steel with up to 5 times longer lifespan in the cooler and 20 times in the secondary air pipe

Additional temperature devices

  • iTemp TMT142 and 162 remote transmitters and displays to avoid hot areas

  • WA70 wireless adapters reduce the cabling burden and improve kiln diagnostics

  • Omnigrad M TRx RTD Thermometer for kiln bearing lubrication temperature monitoring

  • Flowphant T DTT31 or Omnigrad TST410 for cooling & lubrication circuit temperature monitoring

  • Fieldcare plant asset management software for simple sensor set up and condition monitoring

Monitor your temperature accurately

As temperature is so critical, it needs to be accurately monitored in order to enable operators to look for trends that indicate there is a problem. Monitoring equipment needs to display data in real-time and in an easy-to-use format in order to recognize a problem quickly. There are three critical areas that need to be monitored: the kiln, preheater and clinker feeder. The high temperatures, dust and very harsh environment mean that conditions for monitoring equipment are very challenging.

  • Temperature measurement of lubrication oil on the the cement ball mill drive. ©Endress+Hauser

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