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Safety leakage detection solution (LDS)

A packaged solution - the safe way to monitor critical water cooling circuits

Regardless of the cooling circuit type, principles for leak detection are as follows: the inlet and outlet flow rates of a cooling circuit are measured by means of suitable flow meters, either electromagnetic or ultrasonic. The inlet and outlet temperatures are also acquired from sensors mounted in close proximity to the flow meters. Our system uses separate temperature sensors (i.e. not integrated into the flow meters) to achieve maximum accuracy.

Preferred instrumentation

  • Electromagnetic flow (EMF) meter (Proline Promag 50P) or for DC electric or submerged arc furnaces ( DC EAF/SAF) 2 wire loop powered ultrasonic inline flow meter (Prosonic Flow 92F)

  • Temperature TS111 StrongSens thin film sensing element plus a control unit (PLC), analogue inputs, digital Input Units (optional), Safety Relays and an Operator Control Panel (HMI = Human-Machine-Interface) and Switch Cabinet

Benefits of the packaged measuring solution

  • Robust flow sensor design Proline Promag 50P

  • Loop powered ultrasonic transmitter Prosonic Flow 92F - absolutely unaffected by the electrical field strength in the surrounding area and the installation conditions as well as the measuring accuracy is comparable with an electromagnetic flow meter

  • Temperature TS111 StrongSens thin film sensing element in best thermal contact with tip material / media for fastest response time, long-term stable and highest vibration resistance

Fulfilling your safety standards

If a leak occurs in the cooling circuit, a shift in the flow between the inlet and outlet streams will be detected and an alarm will be generated. This method assumes that water, or some other non-compressible medium, is used as a coolant. The system design, structure and implementation meet safety standards IEC/EN 61508 and IEC/EN 61511 (SIL Safety integrity level) in line with EN ISO 13849.

  • Leakage detection with ultrasonic flowmeter Prosonic Flow EAF Eletric Arc furnace. ©Endress+Hauser
  • Leakage detection with electromagnetic flowmeter Promag at the blast furnace. ©Endress+Hauser

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