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Safety and sustainability are vital to today’s water management, quality and risk management processes. The Water Safety Plan, proposed by the World Health Organization, is one example of how to implement risk and quality management strategies in your water treatment process.

  • Endress+Hauser specialist to support your risk and failure management. ©Endress+Hauser
  • Fresh and safe water available on demand. ©shutterstock/Strandperle
  • Perfect working source pool in a drinking water plant. ©Bodensee-Wasserversorgung
  • Reliable instrumentation for a safe production. ©Endress+Hauser

Accuracy is key

Instrumentation represents only a small piece of risk management. However, it plays an important role in ensuring accurate measurement in your water and wastewater treatment process through the use of automation. Failures can result in loss of, plant efficiency, reliability and functionality.

Benefit from up-to-date information

To start, it is important to perform an audit of your plant’s installed base to ensure that the right decisions about required maintenance is made according to available resources, competence and production needs. The main goal is to obtain a better maintenance process that allows for fast online retrieval of relevant documents and updated data. Standardization of spare parts and components reduces inventory management and plant complexity.

The right information at the right time

Endress+Hauser offers operators a sustainable cross-process solution for Life Cycle Management: The W@M Portal gives maximum transparency of your installed technologies and reliable data to for schedule maintenance work and budget tasks, such as replacement or re-engineering. Up-to-date and readily available data, ensures better communication within the Endress+Hauser service team.


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