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Efficient sludge dewatering

Process control helps reduce costs associated with sludge treatment

Sludge dewatering is a common treatment used to reduce the sludge amount before disposal or to prepare it for further processes like drying or incineration. In all cases, an effective sludge dewatering is needed to avoid additional costs due to missed dewatering targets or over-demanding polymer consumption for sludge conditioning.

Sludge conditioner preparation and dosage

Polymer solutions for sludge conditioning have to be prepared by dilution on site for sludge treatment. The target is to achieve harmonized polymer concentration to gain good, stable dewatering results and long dewatering cycles. The volume flow measurement of conditioner and diluting water is the standard solution for proper dilution and dosage control. The advantage is easy installation of well-proven, sustainable and highly accurate magmeters with chemical-resistant liners.

Improving the dewatering results significantly

Because the achieved polymer concentration can vary, an optimal ratio between polymer and suspended solids in the sludge is not always given. An ‘advanced’ control possibility is given by a Coriolis mass flowmeter which offers a second output in addition to flow: media density. The measured density of the polymer solution opens the possibility of constant polymer agent dosage to the sludge stream and improves the dewatering results significantly.

Suspended solids versus sludge density measurement

Optimized dewatering results also need to control the incoming sludge concentration. A Standard solution often used is a combination of volume flow (magmeter) and an optical sensor for suspended solids in sludge. This combination is efficient and reliable in most cases but optical measuring of the suspended solids can be limited due to very dark sludge. Density measurement using Coriolis is a proven alternative guaranteeing stable and good sludge dewatering.

The value for you

  • Flexible instrumentation offering for sludge dewatering and polymer dosage for standard or advanced customer requirements which support process optimization related to efficient chemical consumption (cost reduction) and good dewatering results

  • Local support from our experienced sales and service team

Measuring points

  • The Electromagnetic Flow Measuring Principle

  • The Coriolis Flow Measuring Principle

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