A complete range of instrumentation solutions to suit your processes


Range of electrodes with different pH membranes in glass, glass-free and noble metals (Pt and gold) for redox.
Sensor and transmitter for determining the content of active / free chlorine and chlorine dioxide.
Conductive or inductive measurement system for all ranges of conductivity or concentration measurement for water, acids or bases etc...
Oxygen and turbidity sensors for monitoring and optimising the purification of industrial and municipal wastewater plants.
Nitrate sensors (UV absorption) for both drinking and wastewater measurement.
For measurement of aluminium, ammonium, chromate, chlorine, copper, hydrazine, iron, manganese, nitrite, phosphate, silicate and total hardness.
Portable and stationary samplers for regulatory and ad hoc quality assessments, from surface water to sewage discharge.

Endress+Hauser also specialises in level, flow, pressure, temperature, recording and process solutions.

ph sensor an transmitter

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