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FieldCare SFE500 - universal device configuration

License handling

FieldCare is delivered as free of charge trial version. The FieldCare license model consists of a basic module called Plant Asset Management (also called PAM) and one extension. The available extension is called Condition Monitoring (also called Professional).
A license consists of a combination of the PAM module plus any extension. The update of a previous licensed FieldCare version requires a new license.
For further details, please contact your Endress+Hauser representative.

Entering a license key

To enter a license proceed as following:

1. In the Serial Number box, enter your serial number

2. In the License Key box, enter your license key

3. Click Registration Information to open the corresponding dialog

  • – In the dialog, enter additional user information

  • – Click OK to save your changes and close the dialog

4. Click Save and Restart to save your license information, close the dialog and restart FieldCare


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Tel.: +41 (0)61 715 73 78
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