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Endress+Hauser Maulburg honors 65 long-standing associates

Eleven associates receive the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Certificate

In the presence of CCI representative, Johanna Speckmayer, the management of Endress+Hauser Maulburg honored its long-standing associates at a ceremony last Tuesday. All in all, 65 associates celebrating their anniversary received an award for their staff membership.

As representative of the management, Holger Reichhold, CFO, addressed the gathering in which he thanked the associates celebrating their anniversary. He emphasized: "Endress+Hauser does not only define its culture by its products but also by the people working at the company. A special combination of a stable economic basis in addition to satisfied and loyal associates enables the group to develop and manufacture products which satisfy our customers and secure future success."

Before presenting the certificates, Johanna Speckmayer stated the current situation on the labor market. She cited Reinhard Sprenger, an economic theorist: "The competition of the future will be decided on the labor market." She emphasized: "The demographic change has made the search for qualified experts crucial for companies. Even more important, however, is holding on to good associates. In the best of cases, associates should be happy to skip the job section of their newspaper."

Further associates celebrating their anniversaries:

25 years: Jörg Hauser, Dieter Braun, Susanne Fischer, Doris Sailer, Werner Preuss, Cornelia Schneider, Andreas Blum, Ilona Knüg, Helga Backschat, Rüdiger Bohlen and Andreas Große

20 years: Andrea Lenz, Christina Rasch, Salvatore Sparacino, Udo Jakob, Birgit Wallner, Klaus Wiegmann, Heike Krüger

15 years: Franco Ferraro, Florian Grether, Thomas Lützel, Thorsten Springmann, Kurt Ständecke, Bert von Stein, Frank Wittig, Ralf Armbruster, Ute Otte, Helmut Müller, Kaj Uppenkamp.

10 years: Berthold Fuchs, Michael Philipp, Clemens Rümmele, Benjamin Schmid, Sabrina Dreher, Olga Öhlenschläger, Thomas Reinisch, Beatrix Wörner, Jochen Bauer, Jürgen Braun, Patrice Grosperrin, Sven Elsässer, Gerd Harnisch, Valentina Malinovskaya, Margret Germann, Janine Pietsch, Richard Winkler, Johann Heide, Daniel Marterer, Christoph Ullrich.