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Endress+Hauser Inaugurates New Buildings and Power Plant

Investment in Maulburg: Focusing on growth and new concepts for office and production spaces

Last Friday, the management of Endress+Hauser welcomed more than 160 guests to its inauguration ceremony. Representatives from the fields of business and politics, customers as well as the Endress family, the Supervisory Board and the Executive Board were present when Andreas Mayr, Matthias Altendorf, Klaus Endress and Mayor Jürgen Multner cut the red ribbon. On a tour of the new buildings, they gained insights into the new office environment and production concepts.

During the last two years, the family-owned company invested 18 million euros at the Maulburg site, which is the largest company within the Endress+Hauser group. “This is a strong commitment of the owners to this region,” emphasizes Managing Director Andreas Mayr. The company created more than 8,000 square meters of new useful area for offices and production along Hauptstraße and Schlagetermatt.

Space for open communication

The new office of Building 4 and 5 provides room for the innovation areas of research & development as well as for marketing. Building 4 was newly erected and occupied in April 2013. Building 5 which has already existed since the 80-ies was reconstructed energetically. The “Open Office” of Vitra offers room for cooperation and open communication in which Andreas Mayr sees “the key for creativity and innovation”. Both buildings, provide variable usage of floors for production and office space.

Improved energy efficiency

In the course of the reconstruction measures, Endress+Hauser decided to erect a combined heat and power plant on the roof of Building 5. Its 12-cylinder gas turbine produces up to 840kW per hour. Via an absorption chiller, the generated heat is converted to process chill which supports air conditioning not only of the offices but particularly of the production area via a network system. This investment contributes decisively to optimizing energy consumption.

Transparent production and improved working conditions

Building 7 is the new building for the mechanical production and offers interesting insights. The self-supported hall of 40 meters in length guarantees the required flexibility for large machinery. The most conspicuous architectural feature is the “transparent production” with a large glass façade towards the B317 road. A central machine exhaust air system, the contact to the outside world as well as improved soundproofing measures are important aspects of enhanced working conditions.

New People and space for new growth

The new incoming goods department and the expansion of the high rack warehouse provide improved logistics. Newly gained space serves the optimization of production processes. “We plan to continue growing. The building applications have already been lodged,” reveals Andreas Mayr. “We are staying on course with our value-oriented company development with innovative products and secure jobs. The attractive work environment will help us to get the best experts enthusiastic about our company.”

Red Ribbon Cutting at Endress+Hauer Maulburg ©Endress+Hauser

Red Ribbon Cutting: Klaus Endress, Dr. Andreas Mayr, Jürgen Multner, Matthias Altendorf

Building 7 Endress+Hauser Maulburg ©Endress+Hauser

The new building for the mechanical production offers interesting insights.

Building 4 Endress+Hauser Maulburg ©Endress+Hauser

The “Open Office” of Vitra offers room for cooperation and open communication.