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Endress+Hauser opens art exhibition – preview of UNERMESSLICH FREI

Annual art exhibition officially opened at the company’s site in Nesselwang, Germany

Endress+Hauser formally opened its 26th art exhibition at its site in Nesselwang on Wednesday 27 February 2019. At the preview of UNERMESSLICH FREI, the artists and their works were presented to guests along with the Wertachtal-Werkstätten and local artist Peter Jente. Endress+Hauser has been committed to showcasing art for many years and aims to provide a platform for regional artists. The artworks will now be on display for a year in the foyer of the company building, being admired by employees of the Endress+Hauser Group, as well as by regional and international visitors.

In his welcome speech, Managing Director Harald Hertweck emphasised the fruitful partnership that has existed between Endress+Hauser and the Wertachtal-Werkstätten for many years. The workshops’ contributors manufacture a number of components for the company’s product range, including the RIA15 front panel housing. On this occasion, there was a different focus on the partnership – art. Mr Hertweck sees this particular project as an excellent example of successful inclusion.

Artistic activity can also be used as a strategy to help a company cope with constant changes and identify new trends. But not only that, it also inspires, relaxes and motivates the employees who view the artworks in their daily work environment, says Dagmar Rothemund, manager of the Wertachtal-Werkstätten. She believes that the company’s atrium is the ideal space for immeasurable free thinking as it provides plenty of space for ideas and creativity.

This is a topic that is also very important at Endress+Hauser, because it is the only way for innovations to emerge.

The Wertachtal-Werkstätten

The Wertachtal-Werkstätten were set up by Dagmar Rothemund in 2014. “Art enables us to communicate with ourselves and others,” says Ms Rothemund, and it is therefore an integral part of working with people with disabilities. She made a well-considered decision to bring Peter Jente on board, an artist based in Füssen, and he now works with the employees in their artistic and creative pursuits.

Besides pictures, many other items are created in the workshops including bags, clothing and wooden decorations for various occasions. Cheerful Easter decorations made of wood also adorned the foyer at the exhibition preview. The in-house band WERKTON – conducted by Dagmar Kerle and Wolfgang Neumeier – created a lively atmosphere at the event, and refreshments were provided.

There was something for everyone in the buffet of delicious treats that had been carefully put together by the employees of the workshops.

The artists and their works

Artworks were produced by the following artists, who worked in conjunction with and under the guidance of the artist Peter Jente: Andrea Vogele, Claus Leinweber, Oliver Geischberg, Jessica Krüger, Thomas Häusler and Stefan Thomas from the Füssen group, Sven Groß, Gerhard Penn, Peter Hauke, Christian Schelchshorn, Lanelot, Carmen Ciaccio, Christian Schafroth, Karolin Heiland and Roland Pietsch from the Marktoberdorf team.

Brief personal introductions were given of the artists present at the opening and their unique and engaging character traits. The blue and green shades that made up the colour scheme for this art exhibition from Endress+Hauser had been specially coordinated to match the company's corporate design, and 20 hours of artistic effort had been dedicated to producing works that unmistakably reflect Endress+Hauser itself.

Guests had ample time to be inspired by the artworks and the artists had the opportunity to present their works in person. All in all, it was a very successful exhibition opening.

The representatives of the three organisations: Ms Rothemund, Mr Hertweck and Mr Prestele. ©Endress+Hauser

The representatives of the three organisations: Ms Rothemund – Wertachtal-Werkstätten, Mr Hertweck – Endress+Hauser, Mr Prestele – Lebenshilfe Ostallgäu charitable association.

Artist Jessica Krüger presents her artworks to guests. ©Endress+Hauser

Artist Jessica Krüger presents her artworks to guests.

A scene from the preview of UNERMESSLICH FREI. ©Endress+Hauser

A scene from the preview of UNERMESSLICH FREI.