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What is Ethernet-APL? Your solution to an intelligent plant


Connect the field and unleash the potential with Ethernet-APL

Process plants strive for efficient engineering, fast commissioning and a reliable production quality. Digital transformation and Industry 4.0 unfold new potential to reinforce this. Established field technologies are limited in supporting digitalization due to low bandwidth and speed or laborious protocol conversion. But, the advanced physical layer for Ethernet, Ethernet-APL, meets the new requirements. With Ethernet-APL, digitalization in process plants is fully enabled with all advantages.


  • Suitable for process industries: power and communication on the same 2-wire cable, cable lengths of up to 1000 m, installation in explosion hazardous areas incl. intrinsic safety

  • Data transfer with high-speed: top performance with 10 Mbps full-duplex for real-time data access and fast configuration

  • Homogenous network: seamless data access with less hardware and without protocol conversion by using well-established Industrial Ethernet protocols like PROFINET or EtherNet/IP

  • Increased plant availability and production output: use data of smart instruments (e.g. self-diagnostics) to reduce plant shutdowns and benefit from more process variables of higher measurement accuracy

  • State-of-the-art technology: simple connection via terminals, simple installation and commissioning, simple device integration, robust communication

What is Ethernet-APL?

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The advanced physical layer Ethernet-APL brings standardized Ethernet technology and its advantages to the field of process plants. The leading standardization organizations are working together with major industry partners of process industries to specify one single physical layer that meets the requirements of process automation. Ethernet-APL is designed to support various topologies including redundancy concepts to ensure flexibility according to the needs of a process plant.

What are the characteristics of Ethernet-APL?

  • 10 Mbps communication over a single twisted pair cable for long reach as defined in IEEE 802.3cg-2019, short 10BASE-T1L

  • Explosion protection with intrinsic safety for hazardous zones as defined in IEC TS 60079-47 (2-WISE = 2-Wire Intrinsically Safe Ethernet)

  • APL Port Profiles for definition of multiple power levels between power source and power load and required cable characteristics (preferred: fieldbus cable type A) and connection technology (screw terminals, spring terminals, M12 connectors)

When will Ethernet-APL be available?

The specifications will be finalized in 2021, Ethernet-APL infrastructure and Ethernet-APL field devices are expected to be available afterwards.

Endress+Hauser will continue its Industrial Ethernet journey with an Ethernet-APL portfolio for all relevant measuring principles: flow, level, pressure, temperature and analysis.

What is Ethernet-APL by Endress+Hauser? The Industrial Ethernet journey shows it ©Endress+Hauser

Endress+Hauser Industrial Ethernet journey

What is Ethernet-APL? The perfect foundation for IIoT services

Ethernet-APL as enabler for digital services in parallel to process control

This video explains Ethernet-APL in a few minutes.

Ethernet-APL explained by our expert

What is Ethernet-APL? A standard developed by an alliance

Ethernet-APL as collaboration of standard organizations and industry partners

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    Ethernet-APL brochure

    Ethernet-APL is bringing intelligence to process automation. It provides you with a fast data network. So you can benefit from IIoT, increase plant availability and optimize your processes.

    Ethernet-APL Engineering Guideline

    This document supports users during planning, installation and commissioning of Ethernet-APL devices and networks.

    White paper – Ethernet to the field

    This white paper covers the business environment, technical specifications, implications for different user types, and the development status of Ethernet-APL.