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Heartbeat Technology

Diagnostics, verification and monitoring: high system availability with minimal effort

Heartbeat Technology, which is available for flow, level, temperature and analysis parameters, guarantees permanent diagnostics and verification without removing the instrument or interrupting the process. This allows cost-effective and safe system operation during the entire life cycle. The monitoring function enables trend detection for predictive maintenance. Endress+Hauser will present and demonstrate the functionality of Heartbeat Technology at the 2019 Hannover Messe (1 to 5 April 2019 in Hanover, Germany).

Instruments equipped with Heartbeat Technology significantly extend test cycles and supply standardized diagnostic notifications for cost-effective maintenance. The technology offers simple and easy monitoring of the measurement points during daily operation.

Heartbeat diagnostics

Instruments with Heartbeat Technology offer permanent process and instrument diagnostics while supplying standardized and unambiguous NAMUR 107–compliant diagnostic notifications and symbols with clear instructions. Instead of having to look through the operating manual, by glancing at the instrument display or system controls, users immediately know what action to take. The technology thus permits cost-effective, status-oriented maintenance.

The result is higher system availability without additional effort for the user. The permanent self-diagnosis furthermore makes a significant contribution to a safer process.

Heartbeat verification

The Heartbeat verification function carries out a managed test without interrupting the process and without removing the instrument and enables clearly documented test results. The automatically generated test protocol provides verification compliant with regulations, laws and norms. This increases system availability and reduces test effort.

Heartbeat monitoring

The Heartbeat monitoring function serves as a means to detect trends, an important requirement for predictive maintenance. Trend detection is enabled through the availability of instrument and process data that provides information beyond the pure measurement values generated by the sensors. The combination of instrument and process parameters enables analyses that can be utilized for the targeted optimization of the process.

The three pillars of Heartbeat Technology – diagnostics, verification and monitoring. ©Endress+Hauser

The three pillars of Heartbeat Technology – diagnostics, verification and monitoring – ensure high system availability with minimal effort.