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Clorious2 – the storable chlorine dioxide solution

Endress+Hauser, a.p.f. Aqua System AG and Brenntag: Three experienced partners presented a joint complete solution at ACHEMA for disinfecting, hygienizing and combating odors in processes.

The Clorious2 generator is the first continuous chlorine dioxide generator to operate following the chlorite peroxodisulfate process. Here, the accepted process has been modified and adapted to suit a modern reaction control. This patented method of production guarantees a complete conversion of educts – without the use of any hydrochloric acid or free available chlorine (Cl2, OCl-, HOCl). This produces a stable, ultrapure and ready-to-use chlorine dioxide solution.

Available in three reactor sizes (5, 25, 100 liters), the Clorious2 generator offers a variable production capacity and allows for customized setting of the chlorine dioxide concentration. The generator has unpressurized operation and functions without an aggressive gas phase. It does not rely on extraneous water and enables continuous, batch and shock dosing. The precise digital membrane pumps have no contact with chlorine dioxide.

The Clorious2 solution has its application in odor control, e.g. of hydrogen sulfide, thiols and mercaptans, and in the control of biofilms, deposits and microbial loads. It aids the hygienization of wastewater and the disinfection of drinking water in the food and beverage industry, without producing undesired byproducts such as trihalomethanes (THM), chloramines and other organochlorides (AOX).

It is highly oxidative and operates rapidly, with an extremely broad, unbroken and extended spectrum of activity.

The three partners involved divided their tasks depending on their expertise: a.p.f. Aqua Systems AG is the inventor and patentee of the Clorious2 process and the chlorine dioxide generator; Brenntag is responsible for the application consulting, sales and logistics of Clorious2 and related educts; Endress+Hauser is developing the complete automation of Clorious2 facilities and supplies everything from a single source.

For disinfection, hygienization and odor control: The new Clorious2 solution. ©Endress+Hauser