Are you looking for a way to verify and optimize processes efficiently? Would you like to record the flow in pipelines - wherever and whenever you want? And without interrupting the process? If so, you can rely on the Prosonic Flow 93T completely and without question. This portable ultrasonic flowmeter impresses with its sophisticated "clamp-on” technology. Flow quantities can be measured quickly and reliably, directly from the outside of the pipe. It offers the flexibility to measure flow in very large pipes up to 4 meters in diameter or small-bore pipes (DN 15 / ½”).


Prosonic Flow 93T is operated independently of the mains power using a powerful battery. The integrated data logger records all measured flow values safely. Values from other measuring instruments can also be imported and stored using the current input. These features are ideal for conducting verification measurements at existing flow metering points.


Try it for yourself!

The easy way to measure and analyze

The portable system is easy to install: strap the ultrasonic sensors to the pipe, connect the transmitter and start metering flow. Transferring the data to a laptop or PC is just as easy, and no extra software is needed: For the data transfer a USB stick is provided allowing for post measurement processing with Windows programs, and another option is the sensor box for visualization and analysis with the FieldCare program from Endress+Hauser



Technical data

Basic equipment

Flow 93T portable flowmeter

  • Transmitter (Prosonic Flow 93T)
  • Battery charger
  • 1 USB memory stick (1 GigaByte)
  • Coupling medium (for perfect acousticconductivity between pipe and ultrasonic sensor)

Ordering options

Prosonic Flow P clamp-on sensor (DN 15/½² to 65/2½²)

Clamp-on sensor (Prosonic Flow P)

  • DN 15 to 65* (-40 to 100 °C or -40 to 150 °C)
  • DN 50 to 300* (-40 to 80 °C or 0 to 170 °C)
  • DN 100 to 4000* (-40 to 80 °C)


* incl. mounting set (holder, tension bands) 

Connection cable (sensor/transmitter)

  • 5 metres long
  • 10 metres long