FieldCare - Package

Endress+Hauser offers you the possibility to maintain your FieldCare product installation.


All configuration and communication information is carried in Device Type Management (DTM) programs (DeviceDTMs and CommDTMs) supplied by Endress+Hauser. The DTMs run under the control of Endress+Hauser's FDT based Plant Asset Management Software FieldCare.


Only the latest FieldCare version is available on this Website.


At the moment there is the following FieldCare package available:


FieldCare - Package Version 1.22.00 - includes FieldCare 2.09.01, DTM Library 2.37.00, iDTM Library 2.00.166


Endress+Hauser offers you the possibility to download FieldCare. Please use the possibility to download the Endress+Hauser FieldCare package (including DTM libraries) via our


FieldCare Download Manager



Please note

Updating a licensed FieldCare requires a new license key. Make sure to organize a valid key for the current FieldCare package before to update.


For upgrade information to FieldCare Plant Asset Management, please contact your Endress+Hauser sales representative.