Turn-Key Solutions

You are planning a new project or just redesigning and improving an existing installation? In each case, Endress+Hauser offers you customized visualization and operation of your plant. P View is a SCADA program preferably delivered preconfigured as part of a package that includes:

  • Engineering
  • Instrumentation
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Service

ControlCare  - Field-based Control System

ControlCare P View is part of Endress+Hauser's ControlCare field-based control system (FCS).


ControlCare is a combination of software and hardware components based on open standards, the purpose of which is to connect Endress+Hauser devices to process control, operating and maintenance systems. It provides quick and easy system integration and ensures that the benefits of fieldbus technology are available at all levels of the control hierachy. ControlCare components can be used to supplement a third-party system, or be used as a control system within its own right.



ControlCare P View is a powerful PC-based visualization program that operates via OPC servers with HART®, Modbus, PROFIBUS®, FOUNDATION Fieldbus™ and many other industrial communication protocols. It supports standalone application, client-server operation and Web Access.


Together with FieldCare, the Endress+Hauser Plant Asset Management Tool, which can easily be integrated into your visualization, you are able to configure and adjust any device parameter. This optional software can be invoked directly from the Graphical User Interface.


ControlCare P View offers all the possibilities of modern, graphical process visualization. 

Features and Benefits

  • High-level User Management to protect your plant and application from unauthorised access
  • Logging of user actions conforms to requirements of regulated industries (FDA21 CFR11 electronic signature and EU 178 traceability directives)
  • Process graphics give general and detail views tailored to your requirements
  • Screens in local language increase operational safety
  • P View Alarm monitors signals, provides an alarm log and indicates actions where appropriate, e.g. sends an SMS or e-mail
  • P View Trend stores process variables for trending and historical analysis
  • WebHMI allows flexibility and economy in the design of HMI architecture
  • Open standards ensure simple integration and freedom of choice in control equipment
  • Optional device configuration (FieldCare) allows the management of Endress+Hauser and third-party devices from operating screens.  

Supplementary Software

  • FieldCare Endress+Hauser's Plant Asset Management Tool, which can easily be integrated into your visualization.FieldCare can be used, e.g. for the configuration and adjustment of any device parameter and can be invoked directly from the Graphical User Interface.
  • W@M (Web-enabled Asset Management)Connectivity via internet to Endress+Hauser's product data bases with instant access to equipment records, spare-part finder, certificates, download area etc.
  • Microsoft® Office® applications

Preconfigured solutions with P View

Tank and silo monitoring


P View offers a powerful and economic solution for the monitoring of tank and silo farms. Based on the P View SCADA package, it is supplied preconfigured for your application.



  • Up to 16 preconfigured overviews, each showing current level in up to eight vessels (= max. 128)
  • Individual views containing up to five measured values: level, pressure, temperature, volume and mass
  • Alarming for up to four limit values (LL, L, H, HH) for each measured value
    - Violations are entered into an alarm list and the user is informed via display
    - An additional alarming via SMS or e-mail is optionally available
  • Historical trend of the values configured to your requirements.


What You Get

  • Customer entry screen:
    To your specifications or we make a proposal
  • Overview and individual view:
    - Bargraphs
    - 2-D view
    - various tank shapes to ISO 10628
    - various silo shapes
    - 3-D view
    - various tank or silo shapes
    - customer photo of the tank or silo
  • Alarm list
  • Trend display
  • E-mail / SMS (option)


Features and Benefits

  • Complete customer solution: All components from a single source
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Quick and easy commissioning
  • Clear and concise faceplates
  • Customized entry screen
  • Available in several languages

Function & system design


P View is a powerful SCADA software that operates as an OPC client. By using this interface the software works

with all available communication protocols, e.g. FOUNDATION FieldbusTM, HART®, Modbus, PROFIBUS®. In

addition, it offers a connection to most of the PLC and DCS systems on the market.


P View supports stand-alone applications, client-server architecture, Web Server and redundancy for the

configuration of your special needs.


Endress+Hauser offers P View with a number of stand-alone OPC Client Applications:

  • P View Graph for graphics
  • P View Trend for data collection and trending
  • P View Alarm for alarming


Each client application is an ActiveX container featuring Internet/intranet-ready object technology and offering Microsoft's Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA) technology. Endress+Hauser client applications communicate directly with an OPC server, which in turn communicates with the hardware devices in the field.


P View is a suite comprising software components that provide a complete solution for HMI/SCADA software applications. In addition to the three main modules above, a several other software modules are available as add-on options.


System architecture

The system comprises a PC which, depending on the options chosen, is connected to the network backbone via a network card or an appropriate interface card. The network is built up using direct connections to devices, linking devices to fieldbus segments or remote I/O to conventional 4...20 mA or HART® devices. P View clients and Web Clients can be installed at different locations via Ethernet. An optional modem connection allows

remote operation and diagnosis.


Additional operating stations

P View allows additional operating stations (clients) to be connected to the central monitoring station (server). Client-server connections are done via Ethernet. There are two types of client available, fat and lean, whereby it is possible to have both in the monitoring system. The clients have to be purchased together with P View basic package. A later extension of P View is possible.


  • P View Client
    Client stations are connected via Ethernet. They give direct access to the server station and there is no limitation on the number of I/Os nor on the functionality. Clients work with a subset of the P View software but without local OPC data.
  • Web Client
    As P View has an integrated Web Server connections can be made via Internet Explorer from anywhere in the world to the application running on the server station. The connection can be protected with firewalls and other security mechanisms. There is no special software needed on the client side. The standard internet tools offer the functionality required on the P View server. Only VBA script has to be transformed in VB scripts to run on the Internet.

Modules & functionality

  • One Development
    Tool PC screens, Pocket PCs, operating systems such as Microsoft®Windows® 2000, XP, Server 2003, CE and Web Browser are supported from a single development tool.
  • OPC-to-the-Core
    P View supports industrial standards such as OPC Data Access, OPC Alarm & Events and OPC Historical Data Access. Just one mouse click and you can see your data.
  • WebHMI
    P View offers integrated Web capabilities for e.g. remote monitoring and diagnosis. The Web Server and one Web Client are integrated in the basic P View package. If you need additional Web Clients or other network architectures Endress+Hauser will be pleased to offer a solution.
  • Language Server
    P View supports different languages. They can be switched on the screen or even changed according to the user profile of your operator. The language you select will be used for the visualization as well for the trend and alarm windows and their headlines.
  • User Management
    P View User Management administers different user groups, fulfilling the high level of regulation required by FDA 21 CFR11 electronic signature and EU 178 traceability directives. Audit Trail, forced logins and limited access to the visualization are available in each P View system. The WebAccess of P View uses the same high level User Management.
  • Multimedia Alarming
    P View sends e-mails, SMSs, faxes, marquees, phone calls, text to speech, instant messaging when an alarm appears in your plant. The scheduler allows you to inform the operator, the department or the complete company as required. Shifts can also be managed.  

Human interface


  • Visualization and data archiving via P View software components
  • Optional configuration of devices by invoking FieldCare device operation software
  • Optional W@M connectivity (Web-enabled Asset Management)
  • Connection to Microsoft® Office® applications


Remote operation

  • Optional remote operation via Ethernet, with the full functionality on every station including alarms, trend and language switching.


Visualize your process

  • Customer entry screen
  • Application overview
  • Detail view
  • Alarm list
  • Trend display
  • Connection to MS Office software
  • Connection to FieldCare
  • W@M Connectivity
  • Mobile Monitoring & visualization via pocket PC
  • Alarming via mobile phone  

Software specification

View suite

  • P View Graph
    Stand-alone OPC client software package for Human Machine Interface, providing a rich set of tools for creating animated graphics. P View Graph combines drawing, operating procedures, quality reporting, and management directly into your operator displays using ActiveX Controls and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) scripting language.
  • P View Trend
    Stand-alone OPC client software package for collecting real-time data, logging data to a database, trending both real-time and historical data, while providing a powerful set of reporting and analysis tools. P View Trend offers an open solution to applications requiring scalable and distributed real-time performance using the latest OPC HDA specification for creating Plug and Play historical data servers and clients.
  • P View Alarm
    Stand-alone OPC client software package for distributed enterprise-wide alarm and events. It is a complete alarm management system. You can network enterprise-wide alarm management for detecting, sorting, filtering, viewing, reporting, and acknowledging OPC server alarms and events.


P View standard components

  • P View Script
    Stand-alone application that allows the creation and management of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) scripts. P View Script simultaneously performs calculations, manages databases, and executes any operation available in the VBA language to access reports or perform recipe operations.
  • P View Project
    Integrates all P View applications into a single, easy-to-manage format at one easily accessible location. It enables the organization of application files, import/export, publishing to web, password protection, report generation and numerous other project-orientated functions.
  • P View VCR
    Enables the replay and reanimation of graphical, historical and alarm data. Functions include replay of OPC data, reanimation of graphics, re-plotting of trends, replay of alarms and graphical displays, change of speed, tinimg and search for key events, tag and expressions.
  • P View Data Mining
    Enables visualization from various data sources, such as a Microsoft Access database, in a customizable, userfriendly display format that allows interaction with and manipulation of data. Supports many data sources, including Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Excel, MSDE, and Oracle.
  • P View OPC Data Spy
    Utility for connecting to OPC servers, serving as a test application and a tool for viewing OPC information. It can test OPC Data Access compliance, as well as OPC Alarm and Events compliance. The analysis tools provided aid in quickly trouble-shooting third-party drivers.
  • P View Broker
    Proven, high-speed communications utility for a applications where P View's standard DCOM communication technology is too slow. It uses TCP/IP and SOAP/XML channels to achieve real-time and secure communications between Web browser clients and WebHMI servers.
  • Dr. DCOM
    Utility for helping set up DCOM connections for networked OPC clients and servers.
  • P View Security Server
    Manages access rights to users and groups of users within the P View suite of applications in accordance with FDA 21 CFR11 electronic signature and EU 178 tracibility directives. Permits the creating of custom groups, assigning of individuals and restriction of access of individuals to various product features.
  • P View WebHMI
    Integrates your HMI application with traditional Web browsers to perform remote and low-cost monitoring of key manufacturing information. Allows not only the viewing of display information but also provides for security, data entry, and real-time interaction with your application.
  • P View Language Server
    Allows language can be switched on screen or even changed according to the user profile of your operator. The language you select will be used for the visualization as well for the trend and alarm windows and their headlines.


P View options

  • P View Data Collector
    Provides enabling technology, which includes OPC server-to-OPC server data bridging, OPC aggregation and mission-critical OPC-based redundancy. It allows, for example, the connection of an Allen Bradley OPC server to a Siemens OPC server and easy and seamless sharing of data. Data can also be manipulated through expressions and calculations.
  • P View Alarm Multimedia
    Option to P View Alarm, providing OPC-compliant multimedia technology for remote alarm notification. Various multimedia "agents" are offered, including paging (including SMS/TAP support), two-way paging, phone with call-in and call-out support, e-mail, Fax, voice annunciation of alarms via text-to-speech or recorded .wav files, video, pop-up windows, computer screen marquee and instant messaging. 


Pocket P View

Pocket P View is a full feature HMI/SCADA (text based information via a Web Browser) using Pocket PCs with HMI/SCADA and wireless networking. It provides:

  • Microsoft® Windows® CE Visualization, Trending, and Alarming
  • Pocket HMI Automation Tools
    A HMI /SCADA suite of modular components for Microsoft® Pocket PC
  • Wireless Connectivity to Plant and Business Data
  • Data Mining
    With replay of historical data and database queries to Microsoft® SQL Server, MSDE, Microsoft Access and Oracle® databases
  • OPC Real-time Connectivity
  • Wireless Alarm Management
  • Analysis and Chartiing of historical data
    Replay historical data via time plots, strip charts, x-y plots etc.
  • Reliable and Secure Communications
  • Support of Multiple Pocket PC Platforms
    Supports COMPAQ, HP and CASIO running MIPS, ARM and X86 processors
  • Instant Notification of Critical Conditions



  • Symbol Library
    Supports the use of smart symbols in displays: smart symbols contain data-point connections. Available in P View Graph as a dockable toolbar or a floating window inside display files. Allows the creation, renaming, and deletion of category files and symbols within the dockable toolbar, as well as the unlocking of categories with passwords and changings of symbol icons in the view pane.
  • ActiveX ToolBox
    Provides tools for creating custom ActiveX controls and embedding them in ActiveX containers like P View Graph.
  • ActiveX Tool
    OPC-based ActiveX toolkit for creating customised, high-performance ActiveX controls that are true OPC clients.  

System requirements

Operating system


ControlCare P View supports the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft® Windows® Vista x32 or x64
  • Microsoft® Windows®  Server 2003 x64
  • Microsoft® Windows®  Server 2003 R2
  • Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 SP2
  • Microsoft® Windows®  Server 2003 SP1
  • Microsoft® Windows®  Server 2003
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional x64
  • Microsoft® Windows®  XP Professional SP2
  • Microsoft® Windows®  XP Professional SP1
  • Microsoft® Windows®  2000 SP4
  • Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Server SP4

Hardware requirements


Please note:

Specific hardware requirements depend on the size and complexity of your ControlCare P View

implementation. With any application, faster CPU speeds and increased physical memory (RAM)

result in better performance.


ControlCare P View supports dual-core and hyper-threaded systems.


The actual amount of space required may decrease if help and example files are not installed.

Requirements for logging data, alarms and screen storage are above this minimum. Virtual

memory requires at least twice the amount of the physical RAM.


The hardware requirements described below are based on typical applications. Depending on your

specific application, the minimum requirements may vary. In order to recommend specific system

requirements, we must break the systems up into three categories based on tag count and running

applications. In all systems we recommend that the virtual memory allotment be two times the

amount of physical memory (RAM) on the system.


For the systems below, we are assuming that the OPC server(s) are installed locally on the system

and that the following Endress+Hauser components are all running and using the tag count

specified per classification: Alarm Server, Alarm Logger, Trend Logger, and Graph with Alarm

Viewer and Trend Viewer.

Hardware/Software component

Less than 500 tags* 500 - 3000 tags More than 3000 tags
Processor CPU 1.0 GHz 2.0 GHz 3.0 GHz
Physical Memory (RAM) 512 MB 1.0 GB 2.0 GB
Hard Disk space available 2.0 GB 4.0 GB 10.0 GB
DVD optical drive      
SVGA Video Card 256 or more colors for best results
A mouse or other compatible pointing device   
Microsoft®-compatible keyboard    
Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 6.0 or higher    

Ethernet adapter

optional, for remote PC connections or Ethernet I/O

3.5-inch floppy drive optional, for license transfer
Parallel printer port

optional, for hardware license

USB port optional, for hardware license or license transfer
Serial COM ports or other adapters

optional, for data I/O

* Corresponds to minimum requirement      

References for P View

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Rheinische Kunststoffwerke, Michelstadt, Germany

Silo farm visualisation - communication with Modbus - devices from Endress+Hauser in a Rackbus system - project co-ordination

(Note: for more details please download Application Information AI 809/04/EN)


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Visualisation - PROFIBUS® devices - device confi guration integrated

(Note: for more details please download Application Information AI 808/04/EN)


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Turn-key project, including site survey and instrument selection - industrial panel controller - P View visualisation - PROFIBUS® devices - batch control strategies - recipe management


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Wastewater plant visualisation - Omron PLC - devices from Endress+Hauser - project co-ordination


More information on request.


Revision history

 Software version Manufacturer information
2.01.00 MI021S/04/en/11.06



2.02.00 MI063S/04/en/12.08

Download supplementary documentation:


ControlCare - P View SPV200

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ControlCare - P View SPV200

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ControlCare - P View SPV200

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ControlCare - P View SPV200

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Field-based control system
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