Technology Training HART

A hands-on based course, recognized in all industries

You will learn with the help of actual hands-on tasks, how the HART technology works in detail. HART revisions, commands are discussed in theory parts. The different use cases and integration possibilities are trained in hands on sessions.


  • 21.07.2020 - 21.07.2020

    Costs: 350 CHF

  • 03.11.2020 - 03.11.2020

    Costs: 350 CHF

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  • In the theoretical part the following content is covered:
    - History of HART communication
    - Possible ways to establish communication via HART
    - Point to point, Multidrop, Multiplexer, Remote I/O, Handheld
    - Frequency shift keying technology

  • - Device addressing and range
    - HART commands and structure
    - HART telegram
    - HART revisions 5,6,and 7
    - Difference between the revisions

  • In the practical part the following content is covered:
    - Able to wire up an individual field device point to point
    - Able to wire up field devices in multidrop
    - Able to configure HART device using FieldCare (FDT/DTM technology)

  • - Able to establish communication to the HART device via MultiPlexer and PROFIBUS Remote I/O
    - Able to integrate a field device into a DCS at a very basic level, reading out PVs via HART

  • Maintenance:
    - Able to connect HART handheld to device, reading out diagnostic (NE107)
    - Able to make appropriate suggestions about improving a customer`s physical layer

  • Diagnosis :
    - Using HART bus analyzer observing communication flow


  • At the end of the course you know different ways of using HART technology and able to design and commission a HART fieldbus network.

  • You will also understand the benefits of the technology and know the procedure for troubleshooting.

Who should attend?

  • Technicians/Maintenance Technicians

  • Service/Support Specialists

  • Supervisors

  • Programmers/Device Configurators

  • Engineers


Basic knowledge of electronics and ability to use a computer.


The training is Endress+Hauser certified.

Evaluation methodology

We put emphasis on a balanced approach to theory and practice as well as a vendor-neutral atmosphere.

The morning is spent learning the theoretical background and afternoons with the actual components and integration of the field devices into the system.

Almost half the course is spent on giving you multiple opportunities to use what you have learned in hands-on tasks taken straight from our experience.


A hands-on based course, recognized in all industries