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Measurement instrumentation in a compact design

New measurement devices for flow and analysis: Picomag and Liquiline CM82

Demand is steadily rising for easy-to-use, reliable and maintenance-free instruments in a pocket-sized format in the area of industrial process measurement technology. Endress+Hauser's new Picomag and Liquiline CM82 meet these requirements making no compromise. The new arrivals not only have costs firmly in their sights but also boast technologies of the future with digital measured value transmission, commissioning via Bluetooth and IO-Link technology.

Whether it is used to measure quantities or monitor cooling water, warm water and auxiliary water circuits, due to its compact design, the Picomag can be easily installed in any pipe up to 50 (2") millimeters in diameter - even in confined spaces. Various process connection adapters are available for this purpose. Picomag is a cost-optimized solution for applications where the focus is on high repeatability (±0.2% o.f.s.) and thus reliable measured values.

Clear display - Quick commissioning

The large, user-friendly display allows a quick reading of flow, temperature and totalizer values. Errors occurring during operation are displayed via diagnostic symbols in accordance with NAMUR recommendation NE 107. With Bluetooth connection, it is possible to carry out wireless configuration or data retrieval over a distance of 10 meters - even in measuring points that are not easy to access.

Endress+Hauser's free-of-charge SmartBlue app provides the user with quick and easy navigation through all device and diagnostic functions.

Optimal system integration with IO-Link technology

The device has two inputs/outputs which can be combined in various ways to offer flexible configuration. Current outputs (4 to 20 mA), a pulse/switch output, voltage output, IO-Link and switch inputs (e.g. for resetting the totalizer) are available for selection. Another highlight is the digital data transmission to process control systems via IO-Link technology.

Increased productivity at a lower risk

Developed for users in the Life Sciences industry, the new Liquiline Compact CM82 offers the full range of transmitter functionality and ease-of-use in the minimum amount of space.

The new transmitter is perfectly suited for use in all stages of development thanks to its compact design. It can be commissioned and operated via Bluetooth using Endress+Hauser's SmartBlue app. The securely encrypted Bluetooth communication guarantees plant owners/operators the required level of protection against unauthorized access or tampering with the process. The use of the same sensors and technology ensures consistent measured values.

Non-contact data transmission with Memosens technology

A feature of the Liquiline CM82 also, Memosens technology converts the measured value to a digital signal in the sensor and transfers it inductively to the transmitter. The problems associated with moisture and corrosion distorting the measured value or leading to failure of the measuring point are thus eliminated.

Memosens sensors can even be operated under water. The transmitter also issues an alert if the signal flow is interrupted. The results are maximum safety during data transmission, a dramatic increase in the availability of the measuring points and reliable operation of the process.

Measurement instrumentation in a compact design: New measuring devices for flow and analysis ©Endress+Hauser

The robust, stainless steel Picomag housing (IP65/67) is available in two versions.

Measurement instrumentation in a compact design: New measuring devices for flow and analysis ©Endress+Hauser