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IO-Link - easy, quick, efficient connection to your sensors

Our Fundamental Selection features IO-Link technology for basic instrumentation

Process plants of all industries have auxiliary services like steam, water, or industrial gases that are best served by basic instruments: more sophisticated devices simply add unwanted complexity and cost. IO-Link is an established standard for devices which, while basic, provide the data-rich visibility and controllability benefits of digital technology. Endress+Hauser’s IO-Link portfolio supports an unique choice of process variables, including level, pressure, flow, and temperature.


  • IO-Link devices can be parameterized through the engineering system or with software tools. This eases device configuration and reduces stockholding by eliminating multiple variants. Parameterization can  be done remotely from the host system.

  • Installation is less complex as all IO-Link devices connect to their masters via standard 3 or 5 core unshielded cables to 20m length, and standard M12 connectors.

  • Maintenance, repair, and operation (MRO) is accelerated through IO-Link’s self-diagnosis and self-parameterization capabilities: process measurements are enhanced with detailed status and error data.

  • Failed devices can be replaced quickly, without operator errors, special knowledge, or tools. Parameters are automatically loaded from a central parameter storage point into replacement instruments.

  • Endress+Hauser’s IO-Link products come from the Fundamental Selection range – one part of the FLEX strategy. FLEX helps users quickly choose appropriately from Endress+Hauser’s vast product portfolio.

IO-Link has a mature independent community, with 145 member companies in March 2017. Its installed base reached more than 20 million nodes by 2021. It is formally defined by standard IEC 61131-9. Users can benefit from this standardization and wide choice by checking any product’s compliance through IODDfinder, a manufacturer-independent central database of all IO-Link products.

Examples of Endress+Hauser’s sensors for level and pressure

Liquiphant FTL31 point level switch for liquids. The FTL31 is designed for industrial applications in machine-building and all other industries.

The piezo-resistive based Cerabar PMP23 price-attractive and compact absolute or gauge pressure transmitter for hygienic applications.

The Ceraphant PTP31B price-attractive pressure switch for safe measurement and monitoring of absolute and gauge pressure in gases, steams, or liquids.

Endress+Hauser’s offering also covers temperature and flow

The iTHERM CompactLine TM311 thermometer measures the process temperature using a Pt100 sensor element (Class A, 4-wire).

The Picomag is the economical electromagnetic flowmeter for many applications in secondary circuits with conductive liquids in all industries. End customers, skid builders, equipment manufacturers and system integrators value the space-saving Picomag for its flexible installation capabilities.

Industrial Ethernet network with IO-Link ©Endress+Hauser