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Digitalization is a key factor for the water and wastewater sector

Unlock knowledge with IIoT in the water sector

Always know your water condition thanks to digital data

Water is the most important resource in the world, and digital tools can help you manage your facilities correctly and efficiently. Having remote access to monitor your equipment status as well as your water quality and quantity will keep you in compliance with mandated regulations and company goals.


  • Gain knowledge and insights to keep your facility running smoothly

  • Spend less time in the field with continuous monitoring of your set values and asset status

  • Enjoy more time away from the plant with remote access through your favorite smart device

  • Breeze through compliance by exporting documentation with no room for manual error

  • Sleep soundly knowing information for difficult-to-access locations is now a tap away

The Netilion service is a secure, cloud-based IIoT ecosystem, optimal for a wide variety of installations. By connecting the physical and digital worlds, Netilion lets you collect data from sensors and devices remotely, so you can monitor measuring values, instrument diagnostics and more. Or you can integrate Netilion into your own system to see your data in an interface you use daily.

Netilion Value

Netilion Value is a digital monitoring service that can track measurements from diverse water locations. A direct channel to your instrumentation gives you access to your water quality or quantity values anywhere you are. You’ll always know the state of your remote locations, and you can generate reports for documentation purposes.

Netilion Health

Knowing that your water measurements are accurate is a relief. Netilion Health is a digital service for monitoring asset health, so you can track the condition of your instruments and react faster and better, even before problems occur. Staying ahead on maintenance keeps your plant running and reliable.

Netilion Library

With Netilion Library you will always know where to find your asset documents. It is a digital file sharing service which saves instrument documentation to the digial twin of the device. Whenever you need to send calibration protocols or view configuration reports, you know that you have it in Netilion Library. This service saves your time and helps you ensuring compliance.

Netilion Connect

With Netilion Connect, you can transfer your data from the field into your own systems, using an API to integrate the collected data into your infrastructure .

Use IIoT to measure the water quality of remote locations ©Endress+Hauser

With Netilion you can remotely track the data that the sensors collect

Use IIoT to up to date about water quality ©Endress+Hauser

You can always stay up date about the water quality e.g. at water outlets