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Fundamental Selection instruments for OEMs

Fundamental Selection instruments for OEMs

The right-tech/fit for all plant, machine and skid builders

We fulfil OEM instrument requirements comprehensively; primarily from our Fundamental range offering great quality without excessive complexity or cost, but also with other FLEX products for more demanding applications. All are backed by our reliable delivery worldwide, international presence and local support.


  • Fundamental instruments are deliberately simplified for their intended OEM roles, and not burdened with excessive
    functionality that merely adds cost and complexity – yet of uncompromised quality to prevent potentially serious consequences.

  • Fundamental products are part of our FLEX range – so more complex or precise instruments from other FLEX selections can be supplied without problem for more demanding applications if ever needed.

  • Fundamental instruments allow standardization for recurrent, volume OEM sales. These ‘right-tech/fit for purpose’ instruments are ideal for OEM products and projects from pump sets and instrumentation skids to larger-scale plant refurbishments.

  • Fundamental products are easy to select, configure and order without an excessive choice of variants – and calibration and commissioning is also straightforward. These single-source instruments allow repeat builds with a minimal learning curve.

  • The instruments are available on fast, highly reliable deliveries so tight OEM schedules are never compromised. After initial delivery, spares and support are readily accessible to safeguard uninterrupted plant operation, irrespective of location.

Fundamental products allow OEMs to cost-effectively measure all key process parameters: flow, temperature, pressure and level. Many products are preconfigured, so installation and commissioning are very fast. They also have standard outputs - analog 4-20 mA and switch PNP/NPN, allowing for standardized and simple connections.

Some Fundamental products also have IO-Link connections, giving access to IO-Link’s cost savings plus process efficiency and machine availability improvements.

IO-Link and Fundamental temperature, pressure, level, flow

IO-Link is a short-distance, bi-directional, digital, point-to-point industrial communications networking standard (IEC 61131-9). Advantages include standardized, reduced wiring, increased data availability, remote configuration and monitoring, simple device replacement, and advanced diagnostics. Costs are reduced, process efficiency is increased, and machine availability is improved. All IO-Link devices connect to their masters via standard three- or five-core unshielded cables to 20m length.


The compact TM311 thermometer features a Pt100 Class A 4-wire sensor element with a Pt100 4-wire or universal IO-Link/4-20mA output. It is used across hygienic and aseptic food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications, and for optimum standardization for machine and plant manufacturers.

A pasteurizing equipment manufacturer uses TM311 to accurately control pasteurizing process temperature. The hygienic and compact design fulfills all their food industry requirements.


The Cerabar PMP21 price-attractive, very compact pressure transmitter features a piezo-resistive sensor; it can measure absolute or gauge pressure from 400mbar to 400bar. It withstands harsh process industry conditions with ingress protection up to IP 68 and high-quality materials like 316L. It operates in most areas as it offers various certifications like hazardous area or marine certificates.

In one example, Cerabar PMP21 maintains constant pressure in a filling machine buffer tank.


The Liquiphant FTL31 level switch fits industrial applications like overfill prevention and cleaning system pump run-dry protection. This small vibronic sensor’s safe, maintenance-free design includes self-monitoring and reliable switching.

The food industry Liquipoint FTW33 level switch meets all worldwide hygiene requirements. It works in sticky or heavily built-up media, in pipes, storage, mixing and process tanks with or without agitators. Installation is easy, even in confined spaces.


The intuitively set up Picomag electromagnetic flowmeter is a compact, cost-efficient solution for space-constrained environments like skids; measuring conductivity and temperature simultaneously with flow, combining sensor and transmitter in one housing.

Picomag is used to dose chemicals cost-effectively into a dosing skid. Flow rate, liquid temperature and conductivity are sent to a PLC via IO-Link; these multiple measured variables give skid operators a better liquid status overview.

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