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Smart System for Aquaculture

Package of smart sensors that supervise water quality in aquacultures intelligently and comfortably.

  • Smart System for Aquaculture ©Endress+Hauser

The Smart System for Aquaculture empowers users to monitor the water quality of their production by simply using their smartphone. The package consists of smart sensors and connectivity to communicate the water quality parameters to the user. The user receives all information on his smartphone after installing the Smart Systems App. This way the user can easily analyze the water quality to be able to ensure a healthy fish stock. Please note: The use of the app requires a plan.


  • Intelligent and easy monitoring of water quality in aquaculture, ensure good water quality to increase production in aquaculture applications.

  • Sensor for relevant parameters, such as dissolved oxygen, ammonium, nitrate and temperature in sweet or salt water.

  • Direct access to measuring values and diagnostics via smartphone app.

  • Safe storage of measuring data in the certified Endress+Hauser Cloud.

  • Use clever functionalities of the Smart Systems App: set up measuring spots on a map, evaluate values graphically, alarms and notifications, receive information on the sensor status when service is needed.

  • For using the Smart System it is necessary to register online and choose a plan . The costs of the desired plan depend on the rate of data transmission and is additional to the sensor package price.

Field of application

In the area of aquaculture, water quality plays a vital role for ensuring a high stock output. The mortality of fish in aquaculture can be reduced by up to 40 % through optimal water quality. The Smart System for aquaculture makes it possible to check relevant parameters on a smartphone: dissolved oxygen, ammonium, nitrate and temperature. By setting up alarm notifications, the user is directly informed whenever the water quality becomes critical and can perform countermeasures.

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