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Inline gas ultrasonic flowmeter improves company's process

Proline Prosonic Flow G flowmeter offers reliable diagnostics and optimization of oil and gas separators

For upstream oil and gas production companies, specifically Permian oil well operators, measurement instrumentation on a three-phase separator presents many challenges in terms of installing accurate equipment while minimizing maintenance and total cost of ownership. The Proline Prosonic Flow G ultrasonic flowmeter from Endress+Hauser helps operators increase diagnostic availability, reduce maintenance and optimize allocation measurement processes.

One Permian oil company needed assistance regarding the enhancement of its process efficiency.

The Endress+Hauser solution

  • The Proline Prosonic Flow G along with its Heartbeat Technology— a patented Endress+Hauser diagnostics, verification and monitoring function—allowed the Permian basin operator to identify the problem immediately, change chemicals and clean the lines.

An overview of the challenge

In most oil and gas separation processes, the gas is measured with a multivariable differential pressure flowmeter or turbine meter connected to a separate flow computer to perform the proper calculations back to standard reference conditions. These flowmeters require regular maintenance and inspection to ensure accuracy but provide limited diagnostics of process upsets. Other challenges operators face are the decline in the production of shale wells and diagnostics.

How the solution works

For upstream oil and gas companies, the Proline Prosonic Flow G improves their operations with increased diagnostics, higher turndown and built-in gas analysis functionality while measuring gas composition changes in real-time to improve the accuracy of gas flow measurement.