Color sensor

Color sensor
OUSAF22 ©Endress+Hauser
Color sensor
OUSAF22 ©Endress+Hauser
Color sensor
OUSAF22 ©Endress+Hauser

NIR/VIS absorption sensor for color and purity monitoring

OUSAF22 is an optical sensor for precise inline color measurement in liquids in the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum. It measures the slightest color changes, ensuring the highest quality standards of your products. Moreover, it provides you with fast values according to all standard color scales and avoids complicated and expensive sampling. OUSAF22 is ready for all kinds of environments, from hazardous areas (ATEX, FM) to hygienic processes (CIP/SIP).

  • Benefits

    • Accurate color and purity monitoring for better product quality

    • Fast and direct inline measurement avoids expensive sampling and laboratory measurements

    • Values according to standard color scales (APHA/Hazen, etc.)

    • Low-maintenance sensor with long service...

  • Field of application

    The OUSAF22 sensor measures color for:

    • Quality control / Purity monitoring

    • Color dosage

    • Decolorization control

    • Distillation monitoring

    This makes it fit for many industries such as

    • Life Sciences

    • Chemicals

    • Food & Beverages

    • Oil & Gas

    • Water


Features and specifications



  • Measuring principle

    Optical sensor

  • Color measurement (APHA/Hazen, EBC, ASBC, ASTM, ICUMSA,...)

  • 0-2,5 AU

  • Sensor housing: Stainless Steel 316L

  • 0 to 90 °C (32 to 194 °F) continuous
    max. 130 °C (266 °F) for 2 hours

  • 0-100 bar (depending on flow through assembly)

  • ATEX II 2G EEx d IIC T5
    FM Cl.1, Div. 1, Group B, C, D

  • IP65 (NEMA 4)

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