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Cerabar PMP71B - pressure transmitter

Cerabar PMP71B - pressure transmitter

Smart pressure transmitter - its health can be verified without process interruption

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Specs at a glance

  • Accuracy

    up to 0.05 %
    up to 0.025 %

  • Process temperature

    Diaphragm seal:

  • Pressure measuring range

    400 mbar...700 bar
    (1.5 psi...10,500 psi)

  • Main wetted parts

    316L, AlloyC,
    Tantal, Monel,
    PTFE, Gold

  • Material process membrane

    316L, AlloyC,
    Tantal, Monel,

  • Measuring cell

    400 mbar...700 bar
    (6 psi...10,500 psi)

Field of application

This transmitter belongs to the new Cerabar generation. The transmitter is robust and can be remotely controlled via app on a mobile device using a secure Bluetooth connection.
The software is designed to simplify the handling. Intuitive wizards guide the user through setup, proof tests and verification of the device.
Heartbeat Technology offers verification and monitoring functions to detect unwanted anomalies e.g. changes in loop characteristics.

  • Pressure measuring range: up to 700 bar (10500 psi)

  • Process temperatures up to 400°C (752 °F) with diaphragm seal

  • Accuracy: up to +/- 0.025%


  • With Heartbeat Technology you are able to verify the health of the device while the process is running.

  • Simple indication of device status - display changes from green to red when diagnostic messages occur

  • Reduce systematic failures - error free SIL commissioning and instrument guided proof testing

  • Wireless control of the device in the process area with the SmartBlue App


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